Flooring Services in Stamford, Connecticut

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Redicut Carpet & Floors can accommodate various flooring needs, from floor design to hardwood to vinyl. We cover everything, from redoing a single room in a small home to big commercial jobs in large warehouses. Our approach remains the same with any project: to deliver quality.

Flooring Services Provided By Our Flooring & Design Center

Our selection of flooring services allows us to serve virtually any customer in Stamford. We handle the installation of most flooring types, from durable hardwoods in the main hall of a business to a lush carpet in the living room of a new home.

  • Floor Design: If you’re unsure which type of floors are ideal for your home or business, or you just want to create a certain aesthetic, we can help. Our design services provide comprehensive guidance through the floor installation process.
  • Residential Carpeting: New carpeting in the home is an important decision. We can help with each step of upgrading your home’s carpet, from the initial estimate to laying the final corner.
  • Commercial Carpeting: The flooring or carpeting in your business is a big part of your customers’ first impression. Our new carpet installs provide your business with an instant upgrade that lasts.
  • Hardwood Flooring: Hardwood flooring is one of the most durable forms of flooring you can install, and many would say the most appealing. We can help you find the right hardwood floor to match your home decor or brand.
  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring: As one of the most long-lasting and versatile flooring options on the market, our Luxury vinyl flooring options also cover a broad range of styles and colors.
  • Hardwood Refinishing: Even if your hardwood floors are past their prime, we can restore them to their original luster with expert refinishing techniques.

Flooring Services in Stamford, CT

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Flooring impacts the appearance of a room as much as the furniture and the color of the walls. We also understand that different rooms serve different purposes, so the flooring must also be practical. Fortunately, we have decades of experience in working both visual beauty and practical reliability into our floors.

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